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PCB Board Function Test - Automatic Probing

Functional testing of PCB boards In some cases, automatic probing is required. For example, when the PCB is difficult to manually detect, or the technical level of the operator is limited, the test speed is greatly reduced. In this case, an automated method should be considered. Because automatic probing can eliminate human error, reduce the possibility of short circuit at several test points, and speed up the test operation. However, be aware that there may be some limitations to automated profiling, depending on the vendor's design, including:

1, the size of the UUT

2, the number of synchronization probes

3. How close are the two test points?

4, the positioning accuracy of the test probe

5. Can the system perform two-sided detection of the UUT?

6. How fast is the probe moved to the next test point?

7. What is the actual interval required by the probe system?

Automatic probing usually does not require needle bed clamps to contact other test points, and generally it is slower than the production line, so two steps may be required: if the detector is used only for diagnostics, consider using a traditional functional test system on the production line. The detector is placed on the side of the production line as a diagnostic system; if the purpose of the detector is UUT calibration, the only real solution is to use multiple systems, as this is much faster than manual operation.

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